Our Mission

Welcome friends and fellow Irish immigrants. It is our sole mission to exist as a resource to serve the Irish immigrant community and their families & friends in Philadelphia.

We aim to serve as a resource for information and advice pertaining to health and overall well-being, finance, employment, and housing. We aim to keep you up to date with the latest news related to our community and our location, Philadelphia. We will also help provide you with a thorough list of various local resources in the area that can be of help or interest to you.  To achieve this, we will put in the utmost time and effort to search for and thoroughly research potential resources for you before we recommend them and list them here.

We also pledge to help provide you with online resources that will help improve your overall livelihood. With your well-being being of extreme importance to your overall livelihood, we will place emphasis on resources that promote health and well-being.

All resources are kept in their appropriate pages (local in local resources and online in online resources). However, we understand that live is busy these days for most of us Irish. Therefore, here on the main page, we will select one local and one online resource each month that we find are useful and list them here. You will find a quick summary of the resource and information including address, phone, website address, etc. We do our best to select what we feel deserves the spot, but if you feel there is another resource that deserves the spot, please let us know via our contact form and we’ll take it into consideration.

And now…the local resource of month:

Irish Immigration Center of Philadelphia

Offering local services and helping serve the community. Find out their location by visiting their website via the link above.


Online resource of the month:

This resource was recently recommended to us by a good friend. We checked it out and a few of us felt it was useful being that two of use understand what it feels like to suffer from warts because we’ve been through them before.